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Are you looking to supplement your business brand from the traditional brick ‘n mortar to include a digital presence? 

Small business owners from physicians to car dealers are finding out that navigating the ever changing online space requires the assistance of a digital expert. The team at Relevance By Design understands how to optimize our clients online for the Products & Services that are most important to them!

Having a website is not a solution; it’s just a good place to start when looking to develop your businesses online strategy. Getting customers to your website is half of the battle. However, the ultimate goal is conversion – transcending website visitors to leads and sales. RBD specializes in helping our clients get found online by their customers and future prospects based upon the goals and objectives developed in our digital strategy game plan. 

Our consulting services range from SEO optimization to Reputation Management. We realize that the needs and goals of each client are unique, and our services can be customized to meet the needs of your business. The descriptions on the right side of the page provide further detail on these services.

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SEO Web Design

Before you begin to build your website, you need to decide what it is you want your site to accomplish. SEO Web Design is the architecture that is integrated into the overall design of a website. Your site should be built to be found by the types of searchers you are looking to attract.

Once you have planned and analyzed your site, there are two facets of SEO friendly design that you need to consider. First, the website should be built for the users and not search engines. Easy to use navigation and making relevant information prominent are essential. Second, optimize the content and design of your site for search engines. The correct architecture and use of keywords will necessary to your websites ability to out rank and perform your competitors.

Reputation Management

People are posting information online everyday about the experiences they have with small businesses thru review websites to social media. As a small business your name is your brand and protecting against the negative and promoting the positive sentiment is essential to your digital strategy.

The 2011 Google ZMOT study found that 37% of shoppers find online social sources an influential driver when making decisions. That percentage is up from 19% in 2010. With more customers and prospects using online reviews and social mentions as a key indicator as to whom they will do business with – can you afford not to have a Reputation Management strategy?

Professional Copywriting

Professional copywriting is the craft of writing promotional business copy. This text must grab the attention of your audience, and above all else be informative and persuasive. Writing for the web is very different compared to that of standard business writing styles. The content must be put together in a format that is easily digested by your audience first and search engines second. 

We specialize in writing website copy, press releases and social media posts that are relevant to your users and represent your business in a professional manner.

Monthly Link Building

A key factor in a websites success with search engines is the amount of links you have pointing to your site. In Google's words-- "quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating”. How do I get links? How many links do I need? Are there bad types of links?

These are all good questions that require the assistance of a digital expert.  Criteria such as the types of domains linking to you and the anchor text being used need to be considered. We optimize the links to our client’s sites each month and include this service with all SEO packages.

Video Optimization

If You Tube was a search engine it would be second only to Google (May 2012). Video viewing online is growing at exponential rates. Your customers want to learn more about your business than just thru text brochures and photos.  Having a video strategy is key way to differentiating your business online and building a humanistic transparency for customers and prospects.

Let us show you how to cost effectively produce & optimize videos that will bring additional traffic to your website. Having a video go viral is great, but is it really enhancing your brand and engaging customers? Properly developed engaging and optimized video content is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and gain additional business.

Social Media Management

Social Media makes it easier for people to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with each other. However, as the volume of social media venues and conversations rise, it quickly becomes a time- and labor-intense process to effectively track, converse, monitor and manage.

As a small business, you can’t afford not to monitor how your business is being discussed online. However, it takes time and resources to do this effectively.  Let our experts create and implement an effective social media strategy that will ensure that you are a relevant part of the online conversation.

Conversion Analysis and Reporting

Improve your marketing ROI by focusing on tracking and analyzing data that matters for your business. We present your analytics in a format that is easy to understand and clearly displays your website performance vs. its goals and objectives. 

Conversion is the key to any successful web optimization strategy. Getting your analytics in a timely reliable format is essential to making the right decisions for your business. Also, we’re available for questions if you need additional assistance with any of the analytics and trends we report to you.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher in “natural” search results, thus making your website more visible to people who are looking for your product or service. With Google alone making over 600 updates to their search ranking algorithm in 2011; the world of search is ever evolving. Does your website have the structure to assist search engines in finding your website, index your content, and display your landing pages in their search results? Without the knowledge and use of SEO best practices this can be incredibly difficult to execute.

Things like unique and relevant content (words/pictures/video) coupled with links and citations are what drives a good SEO strategy for a small business.  In the past, SEO and social media were viewed as two separate components online with only a few mutually beneficial factors. However, going forward they cannot be viewed individually and both need to be integrated into a successful digital strategy. Google reinforced this theory by integrating your Google Places and Google Plus pages into one page in May 2012 – Google+ Local page. Knowing how to optimize for these changes will help you get found by potential customers while dominating your competitors in the search engines.

Relevance by Design | Case Studies

  • Dr. Kenneth Brown, MD approached RBD in June of 2010 with the goal of transcending his successful Gastroenterology practice in Plano, TX to include an aggressive digital strategy. After our initial needs analysis was complete, we developed a game plan that included the KPA’s important to Dr. Brown. In August of 2010, was launched. This website showcases the procedures that are most important to Dr. Brown along with relevant information for both future and current patients. Below is a short list of some of the benefits this digital strategy has meant to Dr. Brown’s practice.

    • 65% of all procedure appointments are now booked through (05/2012)

    • Website dominates Google page one for terms prioritized in the digital strategy game plan.

    • Website traffic has experienced year-over-year growth of over 200% each year since launching in August 2010.

    • Mobile traffic represents over 25% of his overall website traffic (05/1012).

    • Online reviews have increased from 6 reviews in June of 2010 to over 80 reviews in June of 2012 – average rating of 4.7 on a 5-Star grading system. He is the only Gastroenterologist with a perfect 30/30 score on his Google+ Local page in the Dallas, TX area.

About Relevance by Design

Relevance By Design is more than just an SEO Company

We are a boutique digital consulting agency that prides itself on personalized service. With over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space we are able to offer our customers the expertise needed to be successful online.  That success is not just measured by website visits and social media insights - it’s really about conversions!

Our team has advanced certifications in Search Engine Optimization, Website Analytics, Conversion Optimization and Social Media Marketing.  Also, we are HIPAA compliant certified. These skills are being continually kept current, so that the most up to date best practices are used to enhance the digital strategies used for our clients.

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